Department of Computer Science

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Prof. Gretchen Ostheimer

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Gretchen Ostheimer received her PhD in mathematics from Rutgers University in 1996. Her research area is on the boundary of computer science and mathematics: she designs fast computer programs for solving problems in abstract algebra -- problems that mathematicians have been unable to solve using purely theoretical approaches.

She is enthusiastic about involving both graduate students and undergraduates in her research. Dr. Ostheimer came to Hofstra with 8 years industrial experience. She has designed and implemented database systems, CAD-CAM systems and compilers, and she has done research in compiler design and theoretical computer science. Dr. Ostheimer taught at Tufts University for 3 years before coming to Hofstra.

Her pedagogical interests include innovative teaching methods, using writing as a tool for learning, and improving the representation of women and minorities in computer science.